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Victoria Businesses Report 5 Most “Troublesome” Tasks

In a January 2019 phone survey of 104 Greater Victoria businesses, 76% agreed that their most difficult business task was creating sales and information materials for new or improved products and services. As one senior VP said, “Even though we use an ad agency, someone here has to create and send them factual data. That ‘someone’ is usually me, and I hate the job.”

Victoria Businesses Report 5 Most “Troublesome” Tasks

The next 4 trouble spots were:

Troublesome Task #2: 51% agreed - Finding and training part-time employees. Typical survey response: “It simply takes too much of staff time and effort, and it seems to be forever ongoing.”

TT # 3: 43% - Convincing all employees that regardless of their official job title, they were equally responsible for providing top quality service to clients and customers. Typical response: “Call someone a supervisor or a shift manager and she thinks customer service is someone else’s job.”

TT # 4: 35% - Teaching that “taking home a few samples” is simply theft. Typical response: “Some employees seem unable to grasp that fact.”

TT # 5: 25% - Employees arriving late or leaving early. Typical response: “I have to do a lot of business travelling. While most employees are correct in their hours, I have learned that a few take advantage of my absences.”

The survey was conducted by Michael J. Haskett, a professional writer who co-authored the highly controversial political novel “The Day B.C. Quit Canada”. He has just founded a new company, “Copywriting for Marketing Success”. 

Full details can be found at Haskett leverages an extensive 30+ years of business ownership and a marketing background with proven successful copywriting techniques to help businesses increase their sales and profits. Typical projects include sales pages, email campaigns, web content, lead magnets, case studies, e-books, and other marketing material.

“Based on this current survey of smaller and mid-level BC companies, based on gross sales income, it seems clear that the majority need to improve internal administration, and as the #1 problem, definitely improve the professional preparation and presentation of both sales and information materials. These are often the foundation stones on which successful businesses are built,” Haskett said. 

For more details on the survey, or his professional writing services, he can be contacted at 250-588-5900.


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