Copywriting for Marketing Success

Copywriting That Gets RESULTS!

“Do you want to sell more of your products, services, ideas?”

My Copywriting has 1 goal: to increase your prospects, conversions and sales.

Copywriting for Marketing Success

I know your goal is to sell more, to more people, more frequently. I will create POWERFUL, responsive, highly-persuasive marketing copy that will transform lookers & shoppers into buyers and increase your sales and profits.

Through effective communication I will work closely with you and your business to understand your products & services and the needs of your customers and clients.

Using creative, effective, and compelling content, combined with my 30+ years of direct business ownership, I will create great marketing copy that works immediately and continually to help increase your prospects, conversions and sales.

Attracting more prospects, then turning the conversations into conversions and sales, can become your reality when you have the properly motivating sales copy to make those actions occur. 

If you’re ready to increase sales, now is the time to get actionable help from Michael Haskett, an achiever with 30 plus years of experience in business ownership and marketing copywriting.

copywriting for marketing success

I often hear this question, “Why should we use a professional copywriter?

The answer to this question is really very simple.

If you were installing a new computer system would you seek the advice of a computer consultant?

Sure you would.

If you were setting up your new business would you seek the advice of a lawyer?


If you managed a business would you seek the services of an accountant?

Of course!

So the real answer here is, as you’re going to be spending your hard earned money on promotion, you will of course want to seek the guidance of a professional marketing copywriter.

An expert whose job it is to advise you on how to most cost effectively generate positive results with your marketing dollars.

Why use a professional lawyer, computer consultant, or accountant?

Because best results come from a Professional who is Trained and Experienced.

Copywriting That Gets RESULTS!

copywriting for marketing success

The purpose of hiring a professional copywriter is to use his knowledge and ability without having to share in his time and experience in gaining that expertise.

>> The goal is that his fee will be negligible compared to the marketing results he will accomplish.

I have provided professional copywriter services that have not only increased sales and profits, but have also consistently saved my clients time, aggravation, and money.

From small business start-ups needing the very basics of copywriting assistance, to larger companies moving into their growth and mature stages, I have provided the essential copywriting expertise to help clients gain more wallet share from their prospects and customers.

As my clients confirm, I have often made the difference between a healthy beginning or a “false start”; between a successful campaign or a waste of time and money; between just making it or making it big.

My copywriting services grew out of the needs of today’s unique business environment. I understand that staff overload, constant demands on your management time, and lack of in-house expertise may leave your businesses lacking the internal resources to address your all-important marketing challenges. Or, just as critical, the expertise to exploit your rapidly changing marketing opportunities.

>>  I leverage an extensive business and marketing background with proven successful copywriting techniques to help you and your business increase sales.

>>  I have been consistently successful in improving top line growth and bottom line profit.

>>  I have the insight and understanding that is needed to create and implement successful copywriting plans as well as a strategic perspective tempered by years of hands-on experience.

Contact me to discuss how my professional marketing-copywriting will help you increase your sales and profits. And do it now so we can develop your unique marketing-copywriting program before it’s critically needed.

Failing to act is the same as failing to profit. The sooner you add the benefits of my proven copywriting, the sooner you can increase your bottom line!

copywriting for marketing success

Mark Twain said, 

“A powerful agent is the right word.”

Put a powerful agent to work for you.

Copywriting for Marketing Success

As a results-focused copywriter, based on my 30+ years of business ownership, I help businesses get better results with their sales pages, email campaigns, web content, lead magnets, case studies, e-books, and other marketing material. 

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