Copywriting for Marketing Success

Hi, I am Michael, a professional copywriter with over 30 years of business and copywriting experience.
What do I do?
I help businesses sell more of their products and services, one SUCCESSFUL message at a time.

About Copywriting

Michael J. Haskett

So how do I accomplish this?

The primary objective I follow is to get maximum results for my clients at minimal cost.

I use 4 key priorities to accomplish this. 

  • 1
    Increase leads and sales: attract prospects, engage them with useful and helpful information, and turn the conversations into conversions and sales.
  • 2
    Produce a profit for my client: generate sales far in excess of the cost of the marketing.
  • 3
    Get better results: increase the response rate compared to the current rate that the business is getting.
  • 4
    To use highly-persuasive marketing copy to show why my client's product or service is superior to others.

Some background on me...

  • Business Owner: I started my first business when I was 26. From the ground up I built a successful company that increased sales and profit every year. I sold that business 11 years later.
  • Author: Co-authored with my father the novel, The Day BC Quit Canada. I was solely responsible for marketing and turned the book into a bestseller. Creative marketing was done mainly online, without having to place the book in any bookstores. 
  • Business Consultant: I have been a business consultant to small and mid-sized companies, helping my clients increase their sales and profit. 
  • check
    Professional Pilot: I started my work career as a professional pilot, spending numerous years in the Canadian Arctic before moving to south to fly for a regional airline.
  • check
    Fireman: I have volunteered as a fire fighter for many years and retired as Assistant Chief.
  • check
    Franchise Development: I have developed 2 complete franchise systems.
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    Hobbies: My hobbies include sailing, hang gliding and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • check
    International Business: I have owned and operated an alarm company in Mexico, building it from the ground up, and created revolutionary new products and software that provided personal and business protection.

In total, over 30 years of hands on business ownership where I was the primary copywriter.

Copywriting for Marketing Success

As a results-focused copywriter, based on my 30+ years of business ownership, I help businesses get better results with their sales pages, email campaigns, web content, lead magnets, case studies, e-books, and other marketing material. 

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